Belly Dance for Beginners

Belly dance videos for total beginners, crash-course style, dance workout and in-depth belly dancing classes. Take the fast track to learn the basics, with solid technique from step one. Practice and perfect your technique with our belly dance workout video non-stop movement programs, all featuring real performance dance moves in beautifully-resolved and gradually-built combinations.

Grow your belly dancer vocabulary with our instant video programs from the World Dance New York Choreography Studio. Whether you love the sparkling sensual flair of Arabic dance and classical belly dance, or the crisp isolations and layered accents of Tribal Fusion, or the hip-hop / street dance / belly dancing mix, these beginner instructional and practice/workout videos will be a perfect start on your way to becoming a graceful, accomplished and competent dance artist.

Love Zumba dance? Take it to a new level and learn real dance steps and combinations with star belly dance instructors who teach both beginners and professionals.

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