"Yoga Inside Out: Go Deeper" DVD with Paula Tursi - Lesson & Practice

"Yoga Inside Out: Go Deeper" DVD with Paula Tursi - Lesson & Practice

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Yoga Inside Out - Go Deeper focuses on body mechanics and optimal  alignment to maximize the benefits of yoga practice and expand  strength and flexibility at the intermediate - advanced level.

Created by Paula Tursi, Founder and Director of NYC-based Reflections Yoga, the program focuses on awareness of the mechanics and dynamics  of the spine to deepen the benefits of yoga practice by fully developing the body’s potential for balanced spinal elongation, extension, and  the rotations found in a wide range of yogic asanas. The program also teaches a deeper approach to hip and shoulder opening through correct alignment of the spine.

Paula’s lesson in yoga body mechanics emphasizes the correlation between the neck and the lower back and teaches balancing the dynamic alignment of the spine.  We tend to move from the more mobile parts of the spine - neck or lower back - leaving out the thoracic spine (middle part of the spine that connects to the rib  cage) which results in loss of depth and range of  motion.  For example, lack of extension in the thoracic  region during backbends limits range of motion and puts unnecessary stress on neck and  lumbar areas.  The spinal region is the container of all nerve transmission so when it is out of alignment we become vulnerable to referred nerve pain such as sciatica, headaches, or disc problems. Finding  ways to maximize balanced spinal elongation and flexibility while improving integration between the spine and the joints creates flowing, deep,  and safe movement, perfect for transitioning to intermediate or advanced level yoga without strain or injuries.

The spine is a series of joints, and every joint in the body is an opportunity for movement. Deeply-ingrained habits of the sedentary lifestyle limit mobility and access to the freeing and healing benefits of yoga.  

Approaching the  the body as finely-tuned instrument, Paula offers an 80-minute yoga practice built on developmental progressions of asanas and  designed to enhance body awareness and unlock it’s hidden potential. She focuses on the fact that truly effective and functional movement or asana starts first from the inner body, then radiates out, assisted by breath and balanced alignment.

Throughout the practice, Paula and two assistants demonstrate different levels within the intermediate-advanced range, and provide variations for different levels of fitness and flexibility.

A superb method for taking your yoga practice to a new level,  Paula’s program is great for body conditioning and weight-loss.