Dance of Mind... A Graphic Novel / Photo Novel - Belly Dance / Gothic

Dance of Mind... A Graphic Novel / Photo Novel - Belly Dance / Gothic

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See World Dance New York performers and musicians as the actors in this unique photonovel of Occult, the Here, and the Hereafter...

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Dance of Mind is a graphic / photo novel (book) by World Dance New York's "Venus Uprising", a New York City-based dance collective. The book is a work of love, a creative experiment, and a tribute to the irresistible charisma and the 'anything goes' attitude of comic book culture. It serves whimsy, action, irony, and magic in a sincere and sexy fantasy-fiction plot with an alternative edge, placing its heros at the crossroads of colorful subcultures such as bellydance, the Goth / vampire world, and tabloid journalism, all colliding and intertwining in the streets of Gotham City.

Dance of Mind features artists and personalities of the New York City dance and music scene plus guests from Canada, California, and the UK: You'll see many World Dance New York performers and musicians, including Ariellah, Ayshe, Blanca, Carmine Guida, Jeniviva (RIP), Neon, Pete List, Sarah Skinner and her real-life husband Kevin Fox, Sashi, Neon's real-life baby-Daddy Scott Shuster, Tempest, Sean Adair, and Tayah Kansik and "Mr. Will" Sherratt from the UK. The characters bear the names of the actors who play them, but in most cases, the real-people names are our characters' only link to reality: Their traits and stories are fictitious, they blend the worldly and the supernatural, light and darkness, good and evil.

Dance of Mind: The Story
Dating to the fall of Constantinople (1492), a worldwide conspiracy of governments preys on the creativity of artists to produce strategic algorithms that will guide nations, secret services, and the mortal and immortal elites of the world toward maximizing their ability to retain power. But rebellion erupts. The courage of the creative souls who survive the powers’ exploitation saves the doomed from the grip of death. Rebellion flares even in the family of the King of Darkness himself, leading him to embark on a very personal vendetta.