Bellydance: Fluid & Sensual - 3-DVD Belly Dance Set

Bellydance: Fluid & Sensual - 3-DVD Belly Dance Set

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 Sensual Goddess

Liquid Gold Bellydance Workout

Love Potion Bellydance Workout

 Neon's Sensual Goddess TWO-DVD SET is a belly dance instruction program designed for beginners.  Four hours of non-stop movement with music.  The emphasis is on meaningful, evocative and sensual movement you can learn from the start.  What makes your movement sensual, and what makes it sexy? You will see and try dozens of moves and learn to modulate the flavors of your dance, such as sensuality, playfulness, classiness, as well as its emotional range and depth.

 Liquid Gold: Fluid Bellydance Moves Workout is designed to perfect your technique in executing fluid belly dancing moves, enhance your dance vocabulary by working with a wide range of combinations and transitions, and to give you an engaging non-stop movement workout flow with a solid sculpting, toning, and flexibility-increasing potential. This program is open level - dancers of any skill level or experience will benefit from practicing with Neon to increase their fluidity. Fluidity is one of the essential components of grace. Without grace dance is reduced to aerobics.  

The Love Potion Bellydance Workout combines dance workout with dance instruction. The program consists of three sections: The Love Potion Workout - 40 min. Practice Flow for beginners - 50 min. Tutorial section for beginners - 50 min. Love Potion is a muscle-conditioning and sculpting workout made of 100% belly dance steps and designed to give you a true dance experience through sequences of real dance combinations set to rich, evocative music. It is a non-stop movement program: The step-by-step technique instruction is offered in a separate 50-minute Tutorial section. Exploring all major areas of the bellydance vocabulary, the Love Potion dance movement combinations are introduced gradually; each section of the workout adds new material and builds on the steps and combinations featured in previous sections.