0:51 Spinal articulation for belly dance transitional steps - Neon. You can’t have that fluid, connected, expressive movement in bellydance if you are not supporting your hipwork or armwork with spinal articulation - body waves and rotation. Learn to fully engage your spine on every step. 

Level: Intermediate

0:41 Belly dance combinations/drills designed to increase abdominal engagement as you perform common belly dance steps. We'll also practice supporting our hipwork with organic upper body trajectories. The combinations presented in this class are also featured in Neon's "Eternal Feminine" choreography. Level: Intermediate - Advanced

1:06 Neon's choreography class "Eternal Feminine"; Focus: Hipwork Technique + elements of expressivity. Music: "Journey to Damascus" by Akela Sun 

Level: Intermediate - Advanced

0:52 Fluid Arms Technique for Belly Dance Go beyond the retro "Oriental arms" to fluid and evocative arm movement. Neon shares her technique of adding powerful expressivity to every arm path and gesture + practice with music.

Level: Open

0:46 Strike a pose! Spinal articulation technique for evocative poses in belly dance

Level: Open