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Autumn Ward - Drum Solo

"In Love with a Time Bomb" - Neon with Angelys & Jenna Rey

Tanna Valentine - fan veils belly dance

"Eve" - belly dance by Autumn Ward

Neon belly dancing at Andy Troy's party, NYC

Tanna Valentine - fan veils

"Drama Queen" - Neon, Angelys & Jenna Rey - belly dance performance

Neon - "Flora" bellydance performance for "Metamorphosis" show, NYC - belly dance

Neon - "The Snake" Belly dance performance

"Don't Make Me Blush" - belly dance - Neon, Angelys, Jenna Rey

Autumn Ward: Rakkasah's Spring Caravan 2013, Part 2 of 2, Dream Waltz (nontraditional belly dance)

Autumn Ward: Rose of Damascus (Nontraditional "Medieval" Belly Dance)

Saidi - Vanessa of Cairo - amazing saidi improvisation!

Saidi dance master - Vanessa of Cairo - improvised workshop materials demonstration

Belly dance performance - Angelique Hanesworth