Multi-class courses: belly dance technique, vocabulary, showmanship and choreography; levels beginner/open level to advanced.

"Ismail" Advanced Course with Autumn Ward - 6 classes

Music: “Ismail” from the album Oriental Fantasy Vol. 9, Heartbeat of Cairo by Beata and Horacio Cifuentes;

Level: Advanced

FREE PREVIEW: "Ismail" Advanced Course with Autumn Ward - Introduction

Orientalist Fantasy Belly Dance Candelabrum/Shemadan Combinations Course with Neon - 2 classes - combinations step-by-step and practice, plus a non-stop candelabrum routine to develop technique and showmanship skills for professional candelabrum performance. Level: Intermediate

"The chandelabrum dance tradition emerged in the early 20th century in Egypt, and it’s typically performed at weddings, to zeffa, Egyptian wedding procession music, with a specific Arabic beat. However, if like me, you dance mostly for Western audiences, zeffa may not be the best choice for your candelabrum performance, you may want to go with Arabic or Western pop music instead, or, if it’s a stage belly dancing performance, you may choose the route of Orientalist fantasy, and find a piece of music that has an exotic Arabian taste, but it’s just a sylization - it is not taxing the patience of your audience with traditional instruments or rhythms. And that’s what we’ll be doing today - learning candelabrum belly dance combinations you can use in such a performance."


Belly dance with wings - 3-class course with Neon -Neon teaches technique, vocabulary and showmanship of belly dance with the wings of Isis with emphasis on improvisational dance. Level: Open

"Wings are different from belly dance veil. Veil dancing relies a lot on various veil tricks creating sophisticated silk waves and cascades in the air. With wings, there is not much you can do trick-wise. You can’t change hands, let go of wings, wrap them around you - wings are a very flashy prop, but far less versatile than the veil. One thing they have in common is that both cover a multitude of sins when it comes to the actual dance, because everyone’s eyes are on your veil or wings, not on your hips or feet, or even hands. Also, since both props are of Western origin, they are compatible with belly dancing vocabulary, but not really bellydance. You can add a lot of hipwork to your wings or veil dance, but your hips do not coordinate with either veil or wings, your hips and your prop remain strangers, they dance their own dance no matter how closely they follow either beat or melody."

"River" Intermediate/Advanced course with Autumn Ward - 4 classes

FREE PREVIEW: "River" Intermediate/Advanced course with Autumn Ward - Introduction & Choreography Demo

Lama Bada Belly Dance Choreography Course with Neon - 4 classes: Learn a multitude of semai rhythm combinations that fall together into an evocative and dramatic bellydance choreography. Step-by-step + practice with music. Level: Intermediate-Advanced, "Today we’ll start learning a choreography to Lama Bada, a song that uses 10/8 rhythm "semai." This song belongs to the classical Arabic poetry/music genre of muwashahat that emerged sometime in the 9th century and flourished in the Arab world from Syria to Al Andalus."