"Ismail" Drum Solo Choreography Course with Autumn Ward - 6 classes

Music: “Ismail” from the album Oriental Fantasy Vol. 9, Heartbeat of Cairo by Beata and Horacio Cifuentes;

Level: Advanced

"Ismail" Drum Solo Course with Autumn Ward - Introduction

Orientalist Fantasy Belly Dance Candelabrum/Shemadan Combinations Course with Neon - 2 classes - combinations step-by-step and practice, plus a non-stop candelabrum routine to develop technique and showmanship skills for professional candelabrum performance. Music: "Bint el Shalibiyeh-Middle" from the album Lavender by Middle-Earth Ensemble, "Twilight on the Nile" by Ensemble Al Asdeka

Level: Intermediate

"River" choreography course with Autumn Ward - 4 classes

Belly dance with wings - 3-class course with Neon -Neon teaches technique, vocabulary and showmanship of belly dance with the wings of Isis with emphasis on improvisational dance.

Level: Open