Beginner Belly Dance Moves How-To - Neon

Belly dance hip lift

Belly dance hip lift walk

Arm pattern for bellydance hip lift walk

Sideways steps with hip lifts

Belly dance hip drop

Hip drop - release

Bellydance hip twists

Hip arc with hip drops

Belly dancing 1-hip twist

1-hip twist walk

Bellydance hip push

Double hip pushes

Vertical hip slides

Belly dance hip shimmy

Walking 3/4 hip shimmy

Pelvic drop & release in bellydance

Belly dance hip circle

Arm Patterns for a belly dance hip circle

1-hip circle

Turn with 1-hip circles

Pelvic circle or Omi

Pelvic diamond or bellydance hip square

Vertical hips figure 8 or infinity loop

Hip roll walk

Reversed hips figure 8 (infinity loop) or maya

1-hip figure 8

Horizontal hips figure 8 (infinity loop)

Shoulder push accents

Bellydance chest / shoulder shimmy

Belly dance chest slide and chest lift

Belly dance chest circle

Chest figure 8 (infinity loop)

Belly dance undulation (body wave)

Undulating walk

Reversed undulation

Belly dance hand undulation or finger wave / ripple

Bellydance wrist circles (hand circles)

Wrist figure 8 (infinity loop)

Snake arms or belly dance arm wave

Snake arms variations

Triplet steps with hip accents

Grapevine footwork pattern plus belly dance hipwork