ENCHANTRESS: An Advanced Belly Dance Choreography, by Autumn Ward

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Autumn Ward's Enchantress choreography from World Dance New York's FANTASY BELLY DANCE series, conjures up an evocative archetypal image.  The emphasis is on story-telling through dance.
The program contains Autumn's step-by-step breakdown of her choreography, together with tips on expression, projection, and developing meaningful dance.
Practice with music is presented for every combination.
Full theater performance in costume by the artist.
Music: 'Garden Play' by Earthbeat.  Advanced level.


Autumn's performance

The story of this choreography

Choreography demonstration

Choreography step-by-step

This choreographic instruction is also available on DVD as part of World Dance New York's FANTASY BELLYDANCE: MAGIC

((**Three-month Instant Video Stream Rental: After purchase you will receive an emailed link to the video with full instructions.**))

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